We just purchased new servers and would like for you to move your domains over to the new servers. This will help save on the cost of your host needs.  You will need to choose a hosting plan as we have changed them; most hosting plans come with extra free hosting accounts with no charge. Here is the link to begin the process so you can upload to the new server. http://www.hostingchristians.com/billing/cart.php

The old servers will be disconnected so it is important to move as soon as possible.


What to do

1-     Click on the link http://www.hostingchristians.com/billing/cart.php

2-     Choose your plan

3-     Your domain is already registered so choose the 3 tab down it should say this  I will update my name servers on an existing domain Or I will register a new domain”

4-     Type in your domain name and extension .com .net .org than click to continue

5-     Choose your billing cycle and fill in the form and credit card information.


We will than set up your new control panel.


Respectfully In Christ

Holden Chandler


Monday, January 20, 2014

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